Graalvm memory usage

This weekend I did some graalvm testing on our Openshift environment to see if we could run our microservices with native graalvm images with low memory usages.

It seemed that using a graalvm native image used even more memory when running under load then running the same application using java.

Starting a pod that runs a native image did start with very little memory (13MB), but when putting some http load on the application, the memory quickly went to 270MB and never went back.

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Mutual SSL authentication

In deze blog laat ik zien wat de stappen zijn om certificaten te maken voor server en client applicaties.

Voor testen kun je de key- en trust stores maken zonder CA. Op productie zal er altijd een CA tussen zitten. Beide manieren worden hieronder besproken.

Een demo project met een server en client die ssl gebruiken (ook als authenticatie) is hier te vinden:

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Escape from the Spring magic with Javalin and friends

Working with Spring Boot (but also working with JEE/Jakanta EE) can be a joyful experience. Within minutes you can create a  new RESTfull webservice  to which you can quickly and easily add circuit breakers, distributed tracing, security, database access, accessing other microservices, fallbacks, retries, service discovery, configuration management, many other things and of course you can use the great Spring DI framework.Lees meer »

List of Spring Boot Starter Dependencies

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