ESP8266 programming using the arduino SDK

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  • Download the Arduino IDE.
  • Go to File –> Preferences and add the link to the Additional Boards Manager URLS.
  • ESP8266 Arduino IDE 1
  • Go to Tools –> Board –> Boards managerESP8266 Arduino IDE 2
  • You should now have the esp8266 as an option there since you’ve added it to the Additional Boards. Select it and press InstallESP8266 Arduino IDE 3
  • Wait for it…ESP8266 Arduino IDE 4
  • Now, You have the ESP8266 boards configure. Choose the board you have, “Generic ESP8266 Module” if you got the regular moduleESP8266 Arduino IDE 5
  • Choose the ESP8266 port and you’re done!ESP8266 Arduino IDE 6