Adding Flyway to a maven project

Add the following to your pom:


Note that you need to use the jdbc url, username and password of the database that you use in your application.

The database migration scripts must be located in src/main/resources/db/migration.
The script must follow the following name convention: V{version}__{description}.sql

The version may me be a single number (3214), a number separated by underscores (12_1_1) or a number separated by a dot (12.1.1). Note that there are two underscores between the {version} and {description}.

As an example, we can add this first script: src/main/resources/db/migration/V1.1__create_person_table.sql:

create table PERSON (
    ID int not null,
    NAME varchar(255) not null

The database can be migrated using the following command:

mvn compile flyway:migrate

When you get the error “Unable to determine URL for classpath location: db/migration”, then it probably means that the update scripts are not copied to the target folder your. You can run a “mvn install”, check if the scripts are now copied and then try again.