Install IntelliJ with git and debug/hotdeploy to wildly

Install IntelliJ
Install the Community Edition of intelliJ.

Git in Intellij
In intelliJ: VCS – Enable Version Control Integration | choose git

Enable Debugging:
Start wildfly with the option –debug (run “standalone.bat –debug 8787”)

In Intellij: Run – Edit Configurations
Press: “+” and choose “remote”
You have a new entry now.
Call this “wildfly” and change the port to 8787

Start Debugging:
Run: “Tools – Run – Debug” and choose “wildfly”.
You can now set breakpoints etc.

Hot deploy (deploy of compile):
In Intellij:
File –> Settings –> Debugger –> HotSwap and ensure that all checkboxes are checked and
the radio button “Reload classes after compilation” is set to “Always”.

When the debugger is enabled, the compiled classes will be reloaded into wildfly directly (if possible).

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