Install Bower and Angular on development system

Create an angularJS project using bower

Instructions are followed from this video:

# npm install –global yo bower grunt-cli
# yo –version && bower –version && grunt –version
# npm install –global generator-angular@0.9.2

Build new project:

# yo angular  (create project without Compass and Bootstrap)

Edit power to make sure these are in the apps folder:

“directory”: “appbower_components”

Afterwards, run:

bower install

The bower folder is now added in the apps folder.

Create new module:
yo angular:route game
yo angular:route team
yo angular:route competition

In the index.html: create links to these pages

Add new angular test code:

function HelloController($scope) {
    $scope.greeting = { text: ‘Hello’ };

function teams2Controller($scope,$http) {
    success(function(response) {$scope.teams = response;});

{{greeting.text}}, World


{{greeting.text}}, World



    {{ }}


{{ x.teamname }}



Example how to add a library to the project:
bower search backbone
bower install backbone –save
bower list
bower update


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